SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) –A long-time furniture refinishing business has opened a storefront in Sioux Falls with a new selection of hand-finished pieces every month.

But this holiday season, Seasoned Style is also putting the spotlight on other locally handmade products.

“This is over 120 years old,” Seasoned Style owner Christi Petersen said.

It’s the kind of timeless piece Christi Petersen loves to refinish.

“I like vintage furniture because it’s made with real wood, and so it’s durable, it’s sturdy and if it does need to be repaired, it can be repaired,” Petersen said.

That’s what she’s done to every piece of furniture she sells at Seasoned Style.

“I sanded the top and stained that and sanded these accents,” Petersen said.

It’s a labor of love she’s made her career for the past 10 years.

“I go do auctions, thrift stores, estate sales, rummage sales, my husband and I travel all over the country sourcing things,” Petersen said. “I like decor that’s a little bit different, not what you find in your big box stores, so different and unique.”

While the store is usually open just one weekend a month….

“I’m open once a month, one weekend a month, so I change the store up completely every time, so it looks completely different,” Petersen said. “I try to have as many new furniture pieces as possible, change the look, the theme, the colors.”

…during December she’ll be open every Friday with plenty of gift options to choose from.

“I hand pour my own soy candles, I try to make a lot of the products that I can,” Petersen said.

Along with all of the handmade holiday items she’s created over the past few months, she also invited other local vendors to join her every Friday this December to help showcase their own goods.

“I am doing a couple of collaborations for some pop-up sales with some clothing boutiques and jewelry stores,” Petersen said.

All of it happening inside her unique historic storefront near 10th Street and Walts Avenue in Sioux Falls.

“The house, the way it looks the vintage feel of it, I just love that old style and it just fits with the style of my products,” Petersen said.

Seasoned Style is open this Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm and will be open every Friday starting December 1st.