SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –SDSU is creating a new outpost in Downtown Sioux Falls; what the Ness School of Management and Economics is hoping to accomplish in the heart of South Dakota’s largest city in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“The goal is straight forward, it’s to have a societal impact,” SDSU’s Ness School Director Joe Santos said.

It’s why SDSU’s Ness School of Management and Economics is opening an office inside Startup Sioux Falls on 6th Street and Phillips Avenue.

“We intentionally wanted to be in the geographical area and in that really cool space downtown,” Santos said.

The location is intended to be a convenient gathering space for the Sioux Falls business community.

“We’re not thinking about this specifically as a student experience, thinking about it more as the community in that city,” Santos said.

“Now that SDSU is locked in with a partnership with us, we’re going to have 20 additional events per year for the next three years,” Startup Sioux Falls President Brienne Maner said.

The main goal of the Ness School Downtown is to utilize the MarketBeat Theater to help share some continuing education with the business community.

“I see it as a catalyst for further innovation within the city and the state, there’s just a lot of interesting things they’re doing in different sectors,” Maner said.

“Accounting and finance and economics and real estate and banking and entrepreneurship and all the rest. We’ll be bringing those skill sets down in the form of workshops and conferences and panel discussions and author talks,” Santos said. “The sort of things we think about as knowledge transfer, taking what we do in scholarship, what we do in the classroom and sharing it with stakeholders.”

Helping area professionals continue to grow and work together to solve issues the educational field is also trying to tackle, while building some important connections with the next generation of young professionals.

“Better engage the student body as well, a lot of those students they’re learning here in the state of South Dakota, stay in South Dakota,” Maner said. “They get connected to different business leaders in the community and we can help build our workforce through that process.”

The Ness School Downtown its ribbon cutting and it’s inaugural event on Sept. 29 at Startup Sioux Falls.