SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls resident recently lost 47-thousand dollars to a scammer while trying to buy a home.

First Dakota Title was not involved in the loss, but Chief Operating Officer Michael Anderson says scammers try to get into your email with phishing attacks.

“They look for real estate agents, they look for lenders, they look for buyers that are involved and they get a hold of their email and they engage in phishing attempts and some who compromise an email,” said First Dakota Title COO Michael Anderson.

“We encourage consumers to look very carefully at email addresses because all they have to do is change one letter or add a letter and it still shows up the same in our email inboxes,” said South Dakota Better Business Bureau Director Jessie Schmidt.

Both Schmidt and Anderson say that if a buyer or seller ever has any questions, they should call their real estate agent, title company or bank directly on a verified phone number.