Raven introduces new generation of farming tech

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Farming of the future is here! Raven Industries is showing off some high-tech equipment, and in we find out how it could change the farming industry.

People spraying fields have a lot to worry about. Raven says they’ve fixed a lot of those issues with the VSN system, a new generation of smart farming.

“It allows the operator to really focus on what the machine is meant to do. The machine is meant to spray, so it allows the operator to look back and make sure it doesn’t have any plugged nozzles. Make sure it’s not going to be running over anything with the machine, and make sure he’s not going to be hitting anything with the booms,” said Luke Pucket, Raven Design Engineer.

This system was invented after Raven heard from farmers about how much crop and time was being wasted.

With this technology, the sprayers are automatically adjusting to the height of the crops. It also keeps the machine moving along the rows more precisely, losing fewer crops. Plus, it’s moving fairly fast.

“The machine is going 27 miles an hour and the camera system is keeping it straight and off the rows. It’s pretty impressive,” said Ryan Molitor, Raven Industries Director of Sales and Marketing.

“It’s exhausting. So we found that guys, they feel better at the end of the day. There’s less fatigue, and they’re more efficient across the board,” said Pucket.

It’s not just newer model machines that can be hooked up to VSN. The Raven reps say it was important for their engineers to make sure this gear could be used on new and old sprayers.

“As co-ops are going and spraying multiple different fields, you want to make sure you don’t have to calibrate the system multiple times. You want to make sure it works on multiple different crops. Multiple different crop heights. Multiple different crop spacing’s. So coming up with a system that flawlessly goes between each and every area was definitely challenging,” said Pucket. 

Raven does use water during all testing on their fields! You can pre-order the VSN visual guidance system through Raven right now.

The cost is between $15,000 and $17,000, depending on the equipment you use.

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