SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Food truck season is here, but along with food trucks, you’ll also find other mobile businesses around KELOLAND this summer.

In tonight’s Your Money Matters, why a Sioux Falls clothing boutique created a unique mobile shop.

“I’ve always had a love for fashion,” Posh owner Alyssa Nix said.

It’s why Nix took over Posh Boutique five years ago and continues to find success in her Western & 57th Street storefront in Sioux Falls.

“Three of my four major brands are all completely made in the U.S. which is very important for us and for our team. And we also carry sizes extra small through 3x in our store,” Nix said. 

But this weekend she opened up a new venture for her boutique, the Posh Cowgirl.

“I’ve shown horses and ridden horses and been around horses since I was a tiny little girl,” Nix said. “I wanted to find a way to merge my love of fashion and my love of horses.”

The idea for the mobile store started when she was at a lot of horse events around the region, where the exhibitors didn’t have easy access to a lot of casual, boutique style clothes.

“A lot of these horse show people are living in the middle of nowhere and they have nowhere they can go find clothing at. I’ve even sold clothing for like the past four years out of my horse trailer, I’ll just bring some clothes from the store to sell at events,” Nix said.

Now her Posh Cowgirl mobile store will travel with her to events all over the region.

“We’re going to a few horse shows and rodeos, going to two different quarter horse shows, one in Minnesota and one in Rapid City, then going to the Crystal Springs Rodeo too,” Nix said.

But she’s also bringing her country girl style to outdoor events all over Sioux Falls this summer.

“All of us have some sort of connection to the country, whether we go for drives when we had a long week or we had a friend who had horses, we all kind of have that in us in the Midwest, so I think being able to reach people in town too is going to be really fun for everyone,” Nix said.

You can find a list of locations the Posh Cowgirl plans to visit this summer on their website.