POET CEO says E15 Decision is Good For South Dakota

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Soon drivers can fill up on E15 year-round, and the largest ethanol producer in the nation says that’ll be good for South Dakota’s bottom line. President Donald Trump has directed the EPA to remove current restrictions on E15 so that it may be sold all 12 months. 

Right now, you can’t get E15 from June to September, but that’ll soon change. 

“Which makes it easier for fuel retailers to stock it to the pumps and makes it easier for consumers to access it,” Senator John Thune, (R) South Dakota, said. 

“It’s been a long-term fight,” Poet CEO Jeff Broin said. 

Broin says 1,600 stations in the country currently sell the E15 blend.

“We’re going to work hard to grow that very quickly. I think we’ll see retailers coming to the table to sell more E15 nationwide,” Broin said.

This means more demand, and Broin says that’ll create two billion bushels of new corn demand in the next several years.  He says that’s good for farmers and South Dakota’s ag industry. 

“You know, helping bring up prices for farmers who are struggling, but it’s also great for consumers. Consumers around the country are going to get cheaper fuel,” Broin said. 

Poet, which is in Sioux Falls, employs 2,000 people nationwide and produces two billion gallons of ethanol annually.  Broin says lifting the current restrictions on E15 could grow the ethanol industry even more. 

“When ag does well, South Dakota does well,” Broin said. 

Previously, the EPA has prohibited the sale of E15 between June and September because of pollution concerns. Ethanol producers disagree with that, and Broin says it’s the only “truly clean” fuel in the energy industry. 

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