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If you’re looking for a new place outside the home to get some work done, you’ll have another option in Sioux Falls very soon. The Kitchen is the latest community work space coming to town. We sit down with the founder to find out who can get the most out of this space.

For working moms, like Jen Kolb, it can be tough to find a quiet place, away from home, to do work.

“I ran into a lot of situations where I was in need of a flexible option in order to fulfill my duties as a mom but also to get the work done if I needed to,” said Jen Kolb, The Kitchen Founder.

That’s why she started cooking up the idea of The Kitchen. This community work space will offer people the chance to choose when and how they want to work.

It’s unique from similar spaces because it’s focused on family. There will be daycare available on-site, but not under foot.

“It’s kind of like a drop in, flexible option for people who don’t necessarily need full-time daycare but they do need a space where they can sit down. It’s usually a little bit more quiet, is the idea too. But then also have someone help them out with their kids if they need that feature, as well,” said Kolb.

Right now The Kitchen is still in the crowd funding stage. However, Kolb says she is negotiating a lease on a space and hopes to be up and running in a few months.

She says the idea of sharing a space with other passionate people will be life changing for women looking for a new place to get things done.

“I’m starting to learn now as an entreprenuer that it can be a really lonely thing to do. When you’re so focused on your business, and your work in general, and it’s something that you start to feel like no one else can identify with. But there is this whole community out there of people who are willing to help you. No matter what phase you’re in. Just to say hey I’ve been there too, or I’m going through that as well,” said Kolb.

This a membership based option. Prices range from $50 to $200 a month to access different amenities. Childcare will be an additional cost.

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