SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new retail store opened in downtown Sioux Falls Friday, giving people a new style option when they shop locally owned boutiques. 

“It is awesome, I’ve never seen a store like this in Sioux Falls before,” Sioux Falls shopper Olivia Baymiller said. 

It’s boutique shopping for people who have a more urban style.

“Most of the stores down here are more feminine based, so it’s nice to get some sneakers, and some hype clothing in here,” Baymiller said.

“We love shoes and we love street wear and fashion,” Preach-es Owner Jonathon Vazquez said. 

The founders of Preach-es are excited to bring the fashion passion to Sioux Falls.

“People are starting to get interested more in fashion and street wear, you can find brands that are a little higher end, a little more sought after and a little harder to get,” Vazquez said. 

“These usually go out on retail and then they sell out. So there’s people that really want them in Sioux Falls and it’s hard to find them,” Baymiller said. 

“We traveled from Bentonville, Arkansas,” shopper Louie Cortese said. 

One couple drove eight hours to be in Sioux Falls for Preach-es opening day.

“I’ve been wanting to buy my first pair of Jordans for a long time, so why not just drive up and support our friends that are like family to us,” Cortese said. 

While Preach-es owners believe a lot of people will come in just to see their unique merchandise options, they also hope people will come in to build a community in Sioux Falls.

“We’re big on relationships, everyone here knows that’s one of our big things,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez is originally from California but has worked in ministry in Sioux Falls for the past few years and says he hopes this new store is a platform for the deeper soul of their business.

“Our slogan is practice what you preach. We really believe that in everything you do in life, live it out,” Vazquez said. “The clothing and the shoes, everything is cool, at the end of the day our heart is to give back to the community and make an impact in the community.”

Vazquez hopes to do some youth outreach with sneaker design classes and other group gatherings inside their store.

“We set up our store in a way where we can easily move our racks and clear stuff, do forums, workshops, mental health forums and workshops, different fashion workshops to give back to the community,” Vazquez said. 

Along with high end sneakers, preaches also carries designer clothes, handbags and wallets. Their store is in the newly renovated Johnson Building on the corner of 11th street and 2nd avenue in downtown Sioux Falls.