SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls city officials say they have never seen anything like it and probably won’t again for quite awhile.

They are talking about all the new construction going up.

Between the new Cherapa and Steel District, the city is on pace to reach almost $2 billion in new construction, but it’s not just commercial development.

“It’s scattered throughout the city, take your pick of corners and in the center of town, it’s all over the place,” the Chief Building Official for the city Butch Warrington said.

Almost anywhere you look in Sioux Falls you’ll see construction.

“We’re at $1.77 billion dollars right now,” Warrington said.

That’s a number the city has never seen before when it comes to the dollar value attached to this year’s building permits.

The construction is high in the sky….and low to the ground.

“You know, a lot of apartments, you can see on our stats, there is just a lot of apartments going up all over the place,” Warrington said.

Butch Warrington says last year Sioux Falls was facing a housing shortage, so contractors have stepped up to address the city’s growth.

The city issued over $470 million in building permits just for apartments this year.

“Evidently people are moving in and need a place to live that’s the most I can tell, they keep coming and coming,” Warrington said.

The value doesn’t include the Augustana Hockey Arena. Warrington says that’ll be added on top of the $1.7 billion.

He doesn’t think Sioux Falls will top $2 billion this year, but the numbers are still impressive.

“It’s not quite double what we saw last year, but it’s more than triple what we were two years ago,” Warrington said.

Sioux Falls had over 65 projects this year that were more than $3 million each.