SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You don’t have to look far to find a new car wash in any corner of Sioux Falls.

“When there’s a growing area of town, we get a lot of customer feedback and we’re looking at where do our customers want to see us grow next?” Silverstar Car Wash Regional Manager Andrea Vetos said. 

Silverstar Car Wash will soon have 10 locations in the city.

“Our location at 41st and Grange, that remodel will be opening in the next couple of weeks, then we’ve got the former Vern Eide on Minnesota avenue underway,” Vetos said. “Another one started on the west side of town as well.”

“The tunnels are popping up big time,” James Dean, the District Manager for Blue Tide and Get-n-Go said. 

Blue Tide opened its first Sioux Falls location this April with more in the works.

“We have a sign in Tea right now, a sign over on 57th and Sycamore and there’s more to come,” Dean said. “The bigger Sioux Falls gets, the bigger we get. We’re here to compete with our competitors.”

A field that has many new faces in just the past year, with Clean Ride Auto also joining the Sioux Falls car wash market earlier this year.

“The demand for these car washes is really, really high,” Dean said. “More and more people are caring about their vehicles.”

But even with many of these new competing car washes popping up right next to each other–they say there’s plenty of demand to go around. 

“As we add new locations it seems like our other locations just get more and more traffic, so as long as people keep coming to wash their vehicles, we’ll keep growing,” Vetos said. 

“People want to see them in town and they’re using them, if people weren’t using them, we wouldn’t be here,” Dean said. 

While plenty of consumers are still buying single car washes or punch cards, monthly memberships are becoming extremely popular, with some consumers opting for daily washes in these new streamlined tunnel washes that only take a few minutes to complete.