SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new luxury event space is now open near 8th & Railroad in downtown Sioux Falls. Take a look inside the incredible transformation of Monick Yards.

“Used to be Monick pipes, pipes and plumbing supply warehouse,”  Monick Yards Venue Director & Co-owner Angela Merritt said.

Turning the former warehouse space into an event venue has been quite the process.

“Its been a year and a half maybe that we’ve been working on this project, it’s really coming together beautifully,” Merritt said.

While you’ll still find a few elements of the original plumbing supply company…

“We really kept some of the industrial pieces, the ceiling is still the original wood rafters in the reception hall. Tried to keep the industrial feel that was already part of the building,” Monick Yards Venue Director & Co-owner Amy Boes said.

The new Monick Yards event space is now almost unrecognizable.

“It really looks great to revive this old building into what it is now is pretty impressive,” Monick Yards and Carpenter Bar Group co-owner Brian White said. 

Brian White and the Carpenter Bar Group first saw the potential of this building right by the 8th and Railroad center.

“Just the need for an event space downtown we thought was huge and just the walk ability of when the event gets out there are hotels down here, other bars, just seemed like a great location and a niche that wasn’t quite fulfilled yet,” White said.

With the Carpenter Bar Group a key part of creating the new space, many customers are also drawn to this venue for the signature drinks.

“Signature cocktails are our specialty, so any time a bride or groom or event wants a specific cocktail, we’ll sit down and cater their needs to exactly what they want,” White said.

Service and convenience is at the center of the design of their new event space.

“We have two different spaces separated by the central area,” Merritt said. “In one space we market as the grand hall, it’s the ceremony side, that can sit up to 350 with just chairs. For like keynote speakers too. Then we have the dinner side people can move into after the ceremony or cocktail hour.

“We have 800 chairs, we’ve got extra too,” Boes said. “So no room flips are involved, we can have the ceremony set and then seamlessly transition into the reception hall and have the dinner set.

Monick Yards already has several weddings along with nonprofit and corporate events scheduled in the new space.

They’ll also be hosting monthly sip and see events that are open to the public to check out the space while enjoying a drink and some live music.