We’re starting to see more and more electric cars out on the road — and now one KELOLAND company is adding electronic recreational vehicles to the market.

In 2017, Jeff Sand decided he wanted to create a new type of electric vehicle.

“Just something that fit the segment of the recreational vehicle market that wasn’t out there,” Sand said.

Sand started Midwest Electric Vehicles in Mitchell. For the first year and a half, he focused on research.

“I was looking for a unique recreational vehicle that would serve multiple purposes. One of them being able to go on a golf course, which these vehicles do,” Sand said.

This is what he came up with. The company sells two versions, the Momentum Coupe and the MomentumTrek. The second model is similar to a pickup. Both models are built on a golf cart chassis.

Now, the focus is growing the business.

“One of the tough things is, is while we have a great product and we want to go national, we’re also working on the funding side, trying to walk before we run to make sure we can financially continue to grow,” President and CEO Eric Christensen said.

While these vehicles can be used for recreational use, they also meet all the safety requirements for city driving, depending on your local and state laws.

“It’s got seatbelts, turn signals, headlights, brake lights, all the features you would need to be on the road,” Sand said.

These vehicles currently start out at just under fifteen thousand dollars.

Momentum Motorwerks has a dealership in Mitchell, but they are in the processing of transitioning to Sioux Falls.