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A generation known for being tied to their parents’ basements is stepping out into the great outdoors.  Millennials, of all people, are credited with a recent surge in RV sales nationwide.

Camping in a tent is getting old for young Millennials like Andrew and Elizabeth Welter.

“Especially last night, I was over it, it got cold and kind of windy and I don’t like being cold at all, this morning, I was like I’m over it, we’re done, let’s go home,” Elizabeth Welter said.

So the Welters are in the market for a recreational vehicle.

“Being in an RV, it’s set up, it’s ready to go, you just kind of come as you please, there is tear-down, but not as much as tenting,” Andrew Welter said.

Long considered the mode of transportation for Baby Boomers and empty-nesters, RV’s are gaining traction among Millennials as a way to upgrade their adventurous spirit.

“It still gives you the satisfaction of roughing-it because it isn’t your home, it isn’t completely set up like a house and with that being said, it’s still got a roughing factor to it,”  Andrew Welter said.

Another reason more and more  Millennials are drawn to RV’s, it’s getting harder to keep all their electronic devices charged from inside a tent.

“I have a little portable charger that I carry with me, but when that’s done, it’s done.  So, my phone’s been dying all weekend, but that’s fine,” Elizabeth Welter said.

But with many  Millennials paying off student loans, purchasing big-ticket items like RV’s can be a financial challenge.

“Some of them are a little nicer than my own house so it would kind of be a little like, oh, I don’t know if I really want that extravagant, but I mean, just something simple that does its job,” Elizabeth Welter said.

As they break camp and head back to their home in Minnesota, the Welters hope to return to South Dakota next summer riding in the climate-controlled and electronically-friendly style of an RV. 

Schaap’s RV Traveland in Sioux Falls says they noticed an increase in Millennial customers beginning last year.  They expect to see new models of RV’s specifically designed for Millennials on the move, including a more rugged look, yet geared for more electronics and hauling bikes and kayaks.   

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