SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It may not feel like it in the warmer temperatures, but it is starting to look like fall across KELOLAND as leaves begin to change colors and pumpkins and mums are now appearing on porches.

“Usually the saying is less is more, but I think with pumpkins, more is more,” Mazing Porches co-owner Kassy Youmans said. “When you get those colors and different sizes and shapes in there it just looks so good.”

With an eye for design and easy access to a farm full of pumpkins.

“We own a pumpkin patch in Yankton and have acres of beautiful pumpkins,” Mazing Acres and Mazing Porches owner Molly Nedved said.

Molly Nedved and Kassy Youmans decided to share their passion for festive fall designs with their new business Mazing Porches.

“We trialed it last season on a few friends homes to get some good pictures,” Nedved said.

Now they’re decking out porches all over eastern South Dakota.

“We were just going to do this in Yankton and then had some interest in Sioux Falls and decided to expand up here so we’ve kind of got homes all over southeast South Dakota and then even into the Dakota Dunes, Sioux City area,” Nedved said.

“In our smaller package, there’s a minimum of 35 pumpkins of all different sizes and colors and our larger package for both commercial and residential properties has a minimum of 50 pumpkins,” Youmans said. 

“I went zero to a hundred, I didn’t do much for fall before,” Mazing Porches customer Amy Daws said. 

Homeowners say it’s one thing to decorate their porch at the beginning of the season, the big problem really comes at the end of the season when it’s time to throw it all away; Mazing Porches takes care of that too. 

“The most appealing part was the convenience factor that they come, they design it and they take it away,” Daws said. 

“We remove them at the end of the season, so it’s really so hands off for them,” Youmans said. 

All homeowners have to do is order a package online and these fall fairies will deliver these clean, freshly picked pumpkins from their Mazing Acres pumpkin patch in Yankton.

“They can come home from work to a beautifully decorated porch,” Youmans said. 

Their unique designs are quickly taking off on social media.

“Honestly it just popped up on my Instagram feed,” Daws said. “As soon as I saw it I was like o my gosh here’s a postcard…I’m just excited to get my daughter out here to take some fun pictures.”

Mazing Porches is serving homes and businesses in Yankton, Sioux Falls and Sioux City and many of the communities in between.