SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A popular clothing boutique has moved to a larger storefront in The Bridges at 57th Street in Sioux Falls, thanks to a new partnership.

“We just moved across the parking lot, it’s a great space,” Wild Rustic Homeowner Courtney Hult said.

The Mason Jar Boutique opened in the bridges about two years ago, but now it’s in a much larger location…

“It’s almost 7,000 square feet,” Mason Jar Boutique owner Katie Wilson said.

…with some big new additions.

“We wanted a one-stop shop, you can come in here shop kids, mom, dad, we even have some men’s clothes now, really wanted to come in and make it an experience for all of our shoppers,” Wilson said.

A big part of the new experience includes the wide array of new retail options from Wild Rustic Home.

“We are getting into the furniture, the art,” Hult said. “We have a ton of cute gifts, candles and Christmas items,” Hult said.

Hult has years of experience in interior design and jumped at the opportunity to get this new store quickly ready to open ahead of the holiday shopping season.

“We were not going to miss that cutoff know how important it is to help people with gifts and their home,” Hult said.

The new location also allowed them to move their warehouse to southern Sioux Falls so they can continue fulfilling all of their online orders.

“We were able to combine our marketing offices, our warehouse, the retail space all in one, which our warehouse was in Dell Rapids and it was too much of a drive, so this allowed us to encompass it all into one location,” Wilson said.

A big move that all happened very quickly.

“We flipped this space in about six weeks,” Hult said.

“A lot of hours, my feet hurt really bad right now, lots of lifting,” Wilson said.

A labor of love for these two moms to get the store open ahead of Black Friday and another important deadline: Hult’s due date.

“We’ve been saying we hope this baby can stay in long enough for us to birth this baby [the new store],” Hult said.

You can check out their new store for yourself at their grand opening starting at 10 am Saturday, November 19th.