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Look Inside Nordstrom's Automotive's Multi-Million Dollar Addition

GARRETSON, S.D. - Here's a first look inside a multi-million dollar addition at one of the country's largest auto recycling centers. 

Nordstrom's Automotive is located just outside of Garretson, and it includes a few features you might not expect.   

"What I want to be is one of the best auto recyclers in the country," Vice President and General Manager Shannon Nordstrom said.

Don't call it a junk yard. Nordstrom's Automotive just finished a 60,000 square foot expansion with four new buildings, including a state-of-the-art dismantling shop, training room and sales lobby.

"When we first got married, we were living on $32 a week," President Art Nordstrom said.

Art and Marie Nordstrom started the auto recycling business in the 1960s with a tractor they used to push sprint cars at races. From there the then dairy farmers started buying, fixing up and selling vehicles. 

"We bought a pickup and fixed it all up. I sold it to a neighbor and made money on it. I went back to the bank and said, 'I want to buy some more.' He said, 'We're going to call it egg money,'" Art said.

That egg money has now led to this--a building that holds more than 1,000 engines, more than 800 axles and 2500 differential components. There's also some very unique features. 

A separate building houses a fuel tank punch system. Employees are now able to remove fuel much more safely. 

Nordstrom's also has new technology to remove, separate and reuse the other liquids in a vehicle.

"The oil is reused for heat, and the antifreeze is resold," Shannon said.

Then there's the wash system, where bugs actually eat petroleum out of the water. 

"All of our wash water is reused," Shannon said.

Here at the new production hub employees document every single product. They also take pictures to post them online.

"There's always different technology in the cars. We have to figure all of these things out, what can be reused, what can't be reused," Shannon said.

Reused products that these owners hope will be driving customers here for years to come.

"Whether the cars are gas powered, hydrogen powered, electric powered, they're still going to have to be properly dismantled and properly recycled. We now have a place that can handle and adapt to those things long into the future," Shannon said.

You can check out the new addition for yourself at a public open house on Saturday, September 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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