SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Online shopping has seen a huge spike this week with consumers looking to snag some deals during Amazon Prime Days, but plenty of local retailers are also working to gain the attention of those online shoppers this week.

“They’re online, they’re looking and we want them to be looking at our website,” Child’s Play Toys owner Nancy Savage said. 

It’s a concept many big box retailers have shared this week as everyone online works to compete for consumer attention during Amazon Prime Days, but plenty of local retailers are also working to meet consumers online.

“For those people that do shop online, we wanted to be in the market with them, especially with Prime days, so we have done our own promotion the last few years,” Savage said. 

Child’s Play Toys offers 15% off sitewide during Prime Days thanks to the work they did building up their website during the pandemic.

“We’ve worked really hard on our website to get things going,” Savage said. “Now we have people adding product online all the time.”

But Child’s Play Toys and other downtown Sioux Falls retailers are still mainly focused on their in-store shopping experience.

“We get a lot of things shipped to us based on an algorithm, but here you have a really personal touch,” Downtown Sioux Falls Inc Marketing Director Tenley Schwartz said. “If you come into Child’s Play Toys, you ask them for something for an 8-year-old’s birthday party, they’ll give you the recommendation and gift wrap it for you for free.”

Downtown Sioux Falls Inc says consumers looking for a good deal this week can find plenty of sales happening during downtown crazy days.

“Shops are looking at bringing in their fall inventory, so they’re wanting to clear out some things. So it’s a help to the stores and it’s a great deal for you because you’ll get some deep discounts on things,” Schwartz said. 

“We have been pulling all day today, pulling all sorts of stuff that goes right to 40 percent, all the toys that we pull, clothing now that is not new arrivals is 40 percent off as well,” Savage said. 

A way to encourage consumers to continue shopping sales over the weekend, this time in person and at a locally owned retailer.

“Just to keep the money local and support local businesses because there’s a lot of local businesses that carry things that you can find on amazons, and you can find it right here in our city instead of buying it from out of town,” Savage said.

“Even though there are all of these sales happening online, its still great to come downtown. Every dollar you spend if you spend it locally, 70 percent, so 70 cents stay in the community,” Schwartz said.

Child’s Play Toys’ online prime day sale ends at midnight Wednesday, but crazy days sales begin Thursday at the toy store and along with a list of many other downtown retailers.