Local realtor reacts to viral “Scream House”

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A house in Michigan is making national headlines, after the broker trying to sell the home went to extremes to bring attention to the listing. We find out what local realtors do to sell a home, and why gimmicks may not always work.

Selling a home isn’t always easy. To speed up the process a Lansing, Michigan realtor decided to get festive with one of his listings. This is now called the “Scream House” thanks to the lead villain, Ghostface, from the classic horror film popping up in the photos of the home online.

“Certainly it grabs a lot of attention. And I think you need to stop and ask yourself is it that you’re looking for traction and lots and lots of people to come through? Or are you hitting a targeted market,” said Anne Nelson with Jamison Company Real Estate.

Nelson says this sort of attention definitely got notoriety. The house had over a million views on Zillow, and several showings within days of being posted.

Nelson says that sort of attention is not ideal for every buyer.

“We have a class that we do with all of the new agents, and we always cover what not to do in photos. And we cover professionalism, so I’m sure that will find it’s way into that training,” said Nelson.

If you’re looking to sell a home, Nelson suggests posting solid, neutral photos of the space so people can picture themselves in the space.

“We’re a very visual society, and we’re very social media oriented these days. So all of our buyers, we know that the percentage is well over 90-percent do all of their shopping online first. So if that percentage of people are online, they’re starting with photos. Photos are going to make or break whether they’re going to come in,” said Nelson.

The “Scream House” already had an offer after four days. The realtor who came up with the idea says he will probably try similar gimmicks in the future, but he doesn’t expect them to go viral like this one.

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