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Local business reaction to Village on the River update

Sioux Falls, S.D. - The Village on the River project was supposed to be a big boost for the downtown economy. We talk with a downtown shop who was surprised to hear the building will be just a parking ramp for now.

If you step out the back door of 605 Running Company, you'll see construction is underway at the Village on the River project.

What was supposed to be an addition to the retail and hotel space downtown, will now be a parking ramp alone. 

Assistant Manager, Benson Langat, says parking downtown is tricky, but visitors to the area tend to flock to the same spots on Phillips Avenue.

"People new to town are not quite familiar with the parking ramps that we have. But people don't mind walking around a little bit," said Langat.

The excitement for the project has changed for Langat, but he's staying optimistic about how a parking ramp out back will create a flow of customers through their doors to get to Phillips.

"We're always having interactions here. No matter if you're just stopping in or you're just crossing through. We get traffic either way," said Langat.

Langat says while they were looking forward to another hotel downtown, they still have a strong community to keep thriving.

"Businesses like that do send people our way. And the restaurants, people always waiting to eat and all that, they come here while they're waiting. So I feel like all the businesses here are connected in a special way," said Langat. 


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