SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Downtown Sioux Falls continues to expand east, especially along 8th Street.

While retail activity used to end at 8th and Railroad, many of the historic buildings further east are now being redeveloped.

In tonight’s your money matters, what’s next for a former plumbing supply building just east of the railroad.

“It used to be Monick Supply Company, so it was plumbing materials and things like that,” Monick Yards co-owner Amy Boes said. 

But the owners of Convolo and Highball just across the street saw this 12,000 square foot building as a big opportunity to partner together.

“A big part of the partnership is they’ll be running the bar, so the cocktails people have come to know and love from The Treasury and the Carpenter bar and Highball will all be offered here at our full service bar,” Boes said.

“The industrial ambiance is a big piece that really attracted all of us to the space for a venue.”

“We’re seeing a lot of demand, even with Convolo we knew there was a demand for it, but we were pleasantly surprised with how much,” co-owner Angela Merritt said.

The event space owners say people are interested in the area not only for weddings but also corporate events.

“A lot of people love to be downtown because they like to carry on the event, so we’re just steps away from Highball and then continuing on,” Merritt said. “It’s a great spot for walkability too, we have three hotels within a short walk, so it’s really good for a wedding venue in that respect. And then with so much parking being added nearby it really made sense for a wedding venue, just being downtown is really a huge draw.”

While it may still look like a plumbing supply company from the outside of the building right now, come this fall, both the outside and inside of the building will have undergone a complete transformation.

“We’ll have projectors for corporate events, but a big piece of what we’re doing is keeping the original aesthetics with the wood and the big warehouse windows and things like that,” Boes said.

After the remodel, the large building will still be split into two separate spaces.

“We’re doing a ceremony half and then a reception half, so 400 people can start over in the grand hall for a ceremony style and then seamlessly move into the reception for a 400 seated dinner. Which is great, there aren’t a whole lot of venues that offer that size of event, especially in this area,” Merritt said.

“We can go from a ceremony to reception without having to do a room flip,” Boes said.

And while they call this part of 8th Street up and coming, they say many new developments underway nearby make their new Monick Yards venue a perfect fit for the neighborhood.

“Downtown has moved this way and it keeps moving and I think its going to be a really great addition,” Merritt said.

Monick Yards is now booking events starting this September 1st and beyond. You can find more details about the new venue on their website.