SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Nearly two years ago, Click Rain digital marketing acquired Lemonly, an info graphic design firm in Sioux Falls. Now the two organizations are finally working under the same roof, in a uniquely redesigned space.

When you walk into Click Rain Inc.’s new office, it’s hard to believe it was once a factory.

“This building was originally constructed in 1919 as a spark plug manufacturing facility,” Lemonly Marketing Manager Nick Lorang said.

The past use of the building meant a lot of work for the redesign that began in October 2021, but now that the building has been transformed into an office space, they’re also holding on to some of its history.

“This was a fully functioning elevator that we used to get down to the lower area during construction,” Click Rain + Lemonly Managing Partner Eric Ellefson said. “We left everything we could, cleaned it up and put a floor in it and now we use the elevator shaft as a low tech collab zone.”

The historic manufacturing space mixed with some modern design elements has created an incredibly unique office space.

“We wanted to create an environment that people want to be in and they want to collaborate in,” Ellefson said. “As you go around our office, we have roughly 20,000 square feet, but you’ll see spaces throughout the building where people can collaborate in a group of  two or more to work together.”

There are nearly 60 employees between Click Rain and Lemonly, but some of those employees are working remotely, which also guided the design of their new headquarters.

“Our meeting rooms are equipped with tech so you have a great experience wherever you’re at or the other people are at,” Lorang said. “We’re an organization that values flexible work, anyone is welcome to work anywhere, anytime they work best.”

The companies have been in their new building for nearly six weeks now, but they are still putting some finishing touches on throughout the building. Like the design of their secret ‘speak easy’ room in the basement complete with TV, video games and a full bar that all of the employees are helping design.

“I’m excited for it,” Lorang said. “We’re still figuring out exactly what that space will be.”

It’s another effort Click Rain, Inc included in the redesign of their new joint offices to help make sure employees’ well-being is the focus of their workspace. 

“We spend so much time at work, that the ability to create a space that people want to come and want to stay is critical for the type of environment we’re in,” Ellefson said. “Ultimately it means happier people, better people and better clients for us.”

Their new building is on 7th Street and Nesmith Avenue in the Whittier neighborhood; it’s one of three historic buildings in the area that are being remodeled into high-end office space, helping to move downtown Sioux Falls further east.