SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Burger Battle has become incredibly popular among restaurants and diners in downtown Sioux Falls every winter, now DTSF is adding a brand new battle for the fall.

“You hear the buzz about the Burger Battle all over town,” Tamien Dysart said during the January 2021 Burger Battle.

Every January, burgers are king in downtown Sioux Falls.

“I have done the Burger Battle downtown before and I love it because it introduces me to a lot of restaurants downtown that I’ve never heard of or been to,” Downtown Sioux Falls diner Taryn Raabe said.

But not every restaurant downtown specializes in burgers.

“We’re not a full kitchen, don’t have deep fryers, that’s not something we can really be a part of,” La Luna General Manager Tatiana Jaimes said.

Restaurants like La Luna are one of the big motivators behind the first ever Downtown Pork Showdown.

“The Downtown Pork Showdown really came from the community and the feedback we received after Burger Battle, hey let’s do a food competition with lunch, let’s do one with pizza, and brunch,” DTSF Community Outreach Coordinator Sadie Swier said.

Now starting Friday, all of those items and more are competing for your vote as the best pork product downtown.

“We’re super excited of what we have at the moment for our bourbon pulled pork tacos, they’re packed with lots of love and flavors,” Jaimes said.

La Luna Cafe is one of the 16 restaurants competing in the inaugural year of this new food competition.

“We’re super exited because the Pork Showdown is one of the only things we’ve been able to be a part of battle wise,” Jaimes said.

“We have multiple restaurants that have never participated in a DTSF promotion before getting involved,” Swier said.

Yet another reason to head downtown throughout the month of September and see what else the city’s restaurants have to offer.

“I’m excited because it introduces something new, there’s a lot of burger joints and bars downtown, so having a pork battle introduces something new,” Raabe said.

The Downtown Pork Showdown starts Friday and runs through September 30th.