Hy-Vee adds Aisles Online express grocery pickup

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Over the past two months of social distancing during this pandemic, many people have switched to ordering their essentials online, including groceries.

“I use it once every week or two weeks and no I never had used it prior to covid,” Sioux Falls Hy-Vee Aisles Online shopper Joni Reiffenberger said. 

Reiffenberger is one of many people to make the switch to online shopping during the pandemic.

“I’m very happy that they have it, they’ve been really accommodating,” Reiffenberger said. 

But she has had to get creative to make sure she can find an open pickup time.

“I’ve switched locations at first because there were no slots available at some of the Hy-vees,” Reiffenberger said. 

“With the increases in demand, we were finding that people were maybe having to order a couple of days out. We’ve been having to add the staff to make sure that you’re able to order in the four-hour window,” 57th and Cliff Hy-Vee Store Director Dale Mitchell said.

Every online order requires another set of hands in the store.

“We have personalized shoppers that are doing these orders, so as every order increases, you have to add shoppers to match that demand,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell says his Aisles Online team continues to grow.

“Our Aisles Online program has been successful since we launched it, but we’ve seen an incredible jump in the last couple of months, both in delivery and pick up options,” Mitchell said.

For those online shoppers looking for a quicker pick-up window, for a fee of about $10 you can take advantage of Hy-Vee’s new express aisles online program.

“Last week we started the fast express which is two hours pick up for online shopping,” Mitchell said. “You can choose a pickup window of two hours, so if you order by 11 a.m., you can pick up at the store here by 1 p.m..”

And while some online shoppers may return to in-store shopping after the pandemic, Mitchell says his aisles online team is preparing to continue to serve a growing crowd of online customers.

“We see the aisles online program to be a new way of shopping and we think it’s here to stay. Many of our customers as they’ve experienced it, they’ve just determined that this is the way they want to shop from now on,” Mitchell said.

The express program is available for pick up only from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at all Hy-Vees. The grocery chain is also expanding the products you can buy online to include more bakery, cosmetics, beauty and other categories. 

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