Thousands of you are wondering about the future of your jobs after two of South Dakota’s largest organizations decided to merge. 

The Good Samaritan Society members voted on Tuesday to merge with Sanford. 

That will likely mean changes for employees and patients here in KELOLAND and across the country.

It’s a historic day for South Dakota. On Tuesday the heads of two of the state’s largest organizations signed an agreement to merge.

“We’re going to do a great deal of integration,” Sanford CEO & President Kelby Krabbenhoft said.

Together The Good Samaritan Society and Sanford would be a six billion dollar company with 50,000 employees.

“We’re going to be stronger together on very practical purposes, economic purposes, financial reasons,” Krabbenhoft said.

So what does the future hold for those thousands of workers? The two CEOs say they’ll take a look at different positions as they combine forces, but in the long term, they plan to grow across the country with this new model that will serve people from birth to death.

“We will need all those people and more as we grow this mission opportunity and this vision we collectively share,” Good Samaritan Society CEO & President David Horazdovsky said.

There could also be changes for Good Sam residents. While Krabbenhoft and Horazdovsky don’t have any firm plans, they say there will likely be some form of collaboration — maybe Good Sam residents being served by Sanford doctors and insurance.

“We’ll look at all those opportunities where we can add to Sanford’s thinking and processes and systems, as well as for us to receive them, and things we can do together,” Horazdovsky said.

A collaboration unlike anything in the nation that will have a big impact in South Dakota and beyond. 

The merger does still need regulatory approval. 

The CEO of Sanford expects that to happen around the end of fall, and the merger will be complete by the beginning of next year. 

When it’s done, Good Sam will be known as the Good Samaritan Society of Sanford Health.