SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Despite the freezing start to the new year, homebuilders are working through the cold to try to keep up.

“2021 was very busy; everyone was maxed out,” HomeBuilders Association of the Sioux Empire 2022 President Jon Beatch said. 

“The demand is just as much as it’s ever been. We have an influx of people moving in from elsewhere all the time,” Brad Mair with A-Plus Construction said. 

And that momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the new year.

“With all of the industries coming into town and the commercial developments, that’s going to keep people moving to Sioux Falls and the demand for residential construction up,” Beatch said. 

It’s why builders are already bracing for the potential of another billion-dollar year for building permits in 2022.

“The billion dollars that we had was just in Sioux Falls,” Mair said. “Then you had Harrisburg, Brandon, Tea, Crooks, Humboldt, Hartford, all of these other communities that are also seeing expanded growth that aren’t accounted for when we use the Sioux Falls number.”

The continued growth in every direction has many builders and contractors stretched thin.

“It has been exhausting, it’s taken its toll on a lot of people,” Mair said. “People have missed out on family time and things like that as they’re trying to keep ahead during all of this…we need more help on the labor end of things.”

“Hopefully with the increase in people moving in, we’ll also see an increase in new carpenters in the area and get some of the young people involved in our industry too,” Beatch said. 

Along with the need for more help, builders also expect continued material delays in 2022.

“A lot of our job has been managing expectations, realizing what normally would have been a 5-month build is now a 10-month build,” Mair said. 

“I think everybody continues to need to be patient, with either their remodel or their build, and know it’s not going to be a quick turn around,” Beatch said. 

While the City of Sioux Falls hit one billion dollars back in November, there’s still another month of additional building permits on top of that record-breaking total. KELOLAND News expects to learn the final number for 2021 next week.