SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The high temperatures mean another busy weekend at the lakes and rivers across KELOLAND. Now there’s a new option for people in South Dakota to get out on the water.

There’s nothing like being out on the lake on a hot summer day.

“The boat industry this year, the only term I can use is, it is insane,” Soo Sports owner Brian Tordsen said.

Ever since the pandemic hit a year ago, finding a boat to buy has been a big challenge.

“We are getting boats in, the only issue is, they’re already sold before they get here,” Tordsen said.

“We have seen about 700 percent growth, year over year. We’re on track to send over a million people boating this year,” GetMyBoat Marketing Manager Val Streif said.

The low availability is sending more people to GetMyBoat, the “Airbnb of Boats”.

“We help people who want to rent boats connect with boat captains and owners all over the world,” Streif said.

The GetMyBoat platform came to South Dakota last summer and has roughly 15 boat owners signed up.

“We have a lot of room to grow in South Dakota for sure, especially on the rivers and lakes, there are lots of opportunities for boat owners and captains and charter operators to join the platform and connect with more customers,” Streif said. “Its completely free to use, we only charge a fee when a booking is made.”

One worry some boat owners might have about rentals is the potential for some costly repairs.

“A lot of first time boaters don’t understand that there are rules on the water, things that you can and can’t do,” Tordsen said.

“With boat owners it’s up to their discretion to rent to whoever they feel comfortable with, so if someone is an inexperienced boater and they don’t feel comfortable renting their boat to them, they are free to decline that offer,” Streif said.

GetMyBoat is encouraging more South Dakota boat owners to join the platform to give others in the state an opportunity to get out on the water.

“Boat rentals will be a great way to get people into the sport,” Tordsen said. “And if you’ve got a boat payment, opportunity to make that payment for you.”

“It’s a great way to make some money off your boat when you’re not using it,” Streif said.

GetMyBoat says its also a great option for any midwestern boaters traveling to the coasts or anywhere in the country to get out on the water. Streif says consumers can find rentals and charters in all 50 states.