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If you know someone between 14 and 24 years old looking for career guidance, a state program could help! Career Launch is set up between schools and businesses, to allow young people to test out different careers, before wasting time or money. We see how this program could point you in the right direction.

Figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life can be stressful! Luckily for kids now, Career Launch is in place to help out.

“So we have actual individuals placed within schools, within communities that are working to facilitate this program,” said Marcia Hultman, South Dakota Secretary of Labor and Regulation.

Career Launch comes from a partnership between the Department of Education and the Department of Labor and Regulation.

This joint effort is designed to help young people find how they can make a living from their passions. Or, figure out what they don’t want to do!

“If they think that they are really into being an electrician, let’s say, we can do an internship and sometimes they’re like, this is exactly what I want to do. Or they learn that this isn’t exactly what I want to do. Maybe they want to do some construction or something like that,” said Aly Salguero, Career Advisor at Roosevelt High School.

“We find that a negative experience is still a good experience because if they want to be somebody that’s working in a clinic or a laboratory and then they find out through work experience they can’t stand the sight of blood, maybe that’s not the job for them,” said Hultman.

Students can meet with Career Advisors, like Aly Salguero at Roosevelt High School, to discuss what sort of jobs interest them.

Salguero then finds internships or job shadows for the kids to try out their career of choice. Whether it’s an internship for a few months, or just a few hours as a shadow, students get the chance to decide if they want to commit years of schooling or work to a career field.

“Some of them have gotten offered employment after high school in these career fields. And they are just so excited, and their families are supportive and that’s just really cool,” said Ally.

They are looking for more businesses to partner with them to allow students to come learn on-site.

Businesses looking to team up with Career Launch can sign up here! 

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