SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It began out of necessity during the pandemic, but now it’s back for a new entertainment option for people downtown.

“We went live last night with online bookings, today is our first day we’re taking bookings,” marketing specialist, Andrew Helland, said.

While the idea came from COVID-19…

“Last year, they were pretty much built out of necessity, we wanted to give dining options during the height of the pandemic,” Fernson marketing specialist Andrew Helland said.

…Their popularity brought this outdoor option back for another season.

“Last year they were practically booked all the time,” Helland said.

“It’s really cozy. It feels like you’re out of your element, you’re just having fun with your friends, the first round is on them too, so it’s really a no brainer,” Fernson customer Alana Snyder said.

The heated igloos give a group of up to eight people a chance to have a unique outdoor dining experience over the winter season.

“Definitely bring your winter jackets, it’s still winter in South Dakota, but we have upgraded space heaters in there so it’s still warmer than last year,” Helland said.

They’ve also made some unique themes for each igloo this year.

“The cottage theme is more for groups that want to dine and eat and drink. The green house is more casual, more conversation oriented,” Helland said.

This year Fernson’s igloos also come with the added bonus of a front row seat to the brand-new holiday plaza downtown.

“It’s great, a lot of people have been walking up and down, taking pictures, we’re thankful that it’s there,” Helland said.

Just another reason reservations for the return of the igloos are already filling up fast.

“Especially after 2020 people just want to be together. So, to have unique igloos, especially this year Fernson is doing the themes, it just gets you in the spirit,” Snyder said.

Fernson’s Igloos will host their first guests Thursday night and will be open for reservations through the spring.