SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)– Garage sale season may be slowing down, but estate sales can pop up any time of the year.

A look at the growing demand for estate sale services for consumers and sellers in Your Money Matters.

It’s likely the most traffic you’ll ever see in this residential neighborhood.

“Every sale I’ve had a line, I’ve never not had a line, there are some people that get up here at three o’clock in the morning to get their names on the list because they want to be the first ones in,” Hidden Treasure Estate Sales owner Julie O’Conner said.

But no matter how long the wait…

“We come just about every time there is one,” estate sale shopper Jennifer Noyes said.

Many estate sale fans are always out to see what each unique home has to offer.

“Sometimes you never know what you’re going to see and what you’re going to like,” Noyes said.

“Yesterday it was all about the deviled egg plate for me,” estate sale shopper Dorothy Huether said.

From kitchen items to furniture, jewelry and home decor, estate sales are a compilation of an entire lifetime of goods.

“When families lose someone or if they have to downsize and they have all the personal property left, that’s when I step in,” O’Conner said.

Julie O’Conner has spent the past two decades setting up estate sales from start to finish.

“I come in and decide what is sellable and donateable, then we test it, price it, stage it, sell it,” O’Conner said. “Hand over the keys, when I’m done the house will be empty, everything will be done and wrapped up for you.”

It’s a service many families are eager to find.

“Sioux Falls has grown, the boomers are aging, so there’s definitely a need,”  O’Conner said. “The phone rings multiple times a day…every person I work with after the sale or even just committing says oh my gosh what a load off their shoulders.”

But with all of the work required, O’Conner has to say no far more than she’d like.

“When I start it’s at least four weeks start to finish, some houses take a little longer,” O’Conner said.

But her expertise is evident for the many shoppers who visit every one of her sales.

“It’s staged very well, you might find all the similar things in one area,” Noyes said. 

“It makes it a little easier to shop when it’s staged very well,” Huether said. 

O’Conner works on commission and says her business Hidden Treasure Estate Sales had provided a full-time living for more than 20 years. She’s thankful more new estate sale companies have come to Sioux Falls to help meet the growing demand.