SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – During your latest trip to the grocery store, you may have had a bit of sticker shock at the price of eggs. The increase is due to a few factors, including Avian Flu.

Mitch and Lynda Adams stopped by the Original Pancake House for some breakfast Thursday morning.

“Eggs, an omelet,” customer, Mitch Adams said.

But they know those eggs are coming at a cost.

“Almost get to the point where you where you think what can I start eating for breakfast instead of eggs and switching to something else,” Adams said.

General manager Beth Cogley says they go through about 1,200-1,300 eggs each week at the restaurant.

And using that many eggs, they’ve noticed an increase in price.

“Beginning of January last year, we were looking at about $1.42 a dozen, we are now paying close to $5 a dozen, it’s kind of going up and down, between $4 and $5 but steadily rising,” general manager, Beth Cogley said.

And that could mean a higher price for the customer.

“We will have a new menu rolling out soon with new prices reflecting the rising costs of all the goods, like produce, dairy, meat, it’s all gone up,” Cogley said. “I personally don’t think the prices are going to go down any time soon, so like I said we have to adjust our prices.”

Since it’s something everyone is dealing with, she is optimistic customers will understand.

“You hate to do it, but I think most of the customers understand, they go to the grocery store, they see eggs at $5.99 a dozen there, so I think they understand,” Cogley said.

She says they also expect to see an increase in egg prices around Easter.