SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The east side of Sioux Falls has two new stores to stop by this weekend, adding to the long list of new additions that have recently opened near the Dawley Farm development.

“Welcome to Crumbl,” the crew of workers at the new eastside Crumbl Cookies said to a customer walking into the store. 

It’s a welcome sound that first came to Sioux Falls about 18 months ago at the new Empire Place development.

“The support was absolutely exceptional, so just a couple of weeks after being open, we knew we had to find a new location to serve the people of Sioux Falls,” Crumbl Cookies Sioux Falls Manager Colby Wilson said.

“People get hooked on this stuff,” Buff City Soap marketing manager Bella Breinig said.

Buff City Soap opened right next door to Crumbl Cookie in Empire Place a year ago and quickly had the same realization.

“We came to Sioux Falls, had such great success, but people were driving all the way across town,” Breinig said.

With products that people need to use on regular basis, businesses like Buff City Soap or Crumbl Cookies are looking to make their products as easily accessible as possible.

“When you’re going for your laundry, when you’re going for your soap, for things you’re using every day, it can be a pain to have to hike it across town,” Breinig said.

“When I have to drive across town I make a day of it,” east side mom Paige Haan said.

East side homeowners like Haan say the distance has limited their visits to these new national retailers.

“I haven’t been to Crumbl Cookies very often because its all the way across town, but we’re stopping there after this to get a cookie,” Haan said.

It’s why other companies like Fazoli’s and Chipotle have done the same thing, adding an east side storefront that mirrors their original Empire Place locations, including their proximity to other popular retailers.

“We just find that its a better experience over all to be able to get one shopping trip done and then go,” Breinig said.

“I live like five minutes away, so I can just quick pop over, before nap time, after nap time, when I have to get the kids from school,” Haan said.

“We’ve got this drive thru, we’re really excited about it. There’s only a handful of Crumbl’s that have it,” Wilson said.

The Dawley Farm’s Crumbl’s drive thru is one change from the Empire store that makes it even easier to stop by for a cookie.

“We’re hoping to bring in sweet tooths a little more often just due to proximity,” Wilson said.

The Dawley Farm Buff City Soap just opened Thursday and will continue its launch party with sales all weekend; Crumbl Cookie is just wrapping up its first week of business at its new east side location.

Both stores expect to serve even more people as development continues to grow on the east side of town.

“This Dawley Farm area is fantastic, we’ve seen a lot of development on this part of town, we wanted to be a part of it,” Wilson said. 

“This area is nice and vibrant right now, but in the coming years I really think it will develop a lot and you’ll see even more things popping up,” Breinig said. “There are some huge apartments going in over here, some huge housing developments too and we have a lot of household goods so that’s good for us.”