SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — ‘Now Hiring’ signs can be found in just about every fast food restaurant in Sioux Falls; many are making day-to-day operations work with fewer staff than usual.

But in this Your Money Matters, how the staffing shortage is impacting local Dairy Queens as they prepare for their busiest day of the year.

Blizzards have been flying out of the takeout window all summer, but this Thursday will take blizzard making to a whole new level on Miracle Treat Day.

“We do one whole week’s worth of ice cream in one day,” Fourteen Foods Dairy Queen District Manager Shay Kinsley said.

It’s why it’s always all hands on deck for the big day.

“Everybody has to work,” Sioux Falls’ Minnesota Avenue Dairy Queen General Manager Jill Willard said.

But this year, they’ll be working with fewer hands than usual.

“I would like to have probably another six staff members,” Willard said. “There’s always room for good workers.”

“All the locations in Sioux Falls are hiring,” Kinsley said. “Most of our South Dakota stores are hiring and in desperate need for any position day or night.”

Like many restaurants, Dairy Queen has made a big boost in starting pay to help bring in more workers.

“We went from an average of $11 an hour even two years ago, up to $15 starting in our South Dakota markets,” Kinsley said.

But they’re still running short ahead of their biggest day of the year.

“Everybody has to work a little faster and harder. It’s a busy day but everyone enjoys it,” Willard said.

Miracle Treat Day prep is already happening now as the team is working to make a whole lineup of blizzards that can be ready even faster on the big day.

“We’ve been making blizzards for the last two days, we still have another 1,200 blizzards we’re still prepping for,” Kinsley said.

A lot of extra work and planning to make sure they have enough staff and product to keep the sweet treats coming on Miracle Treat Day; work they say is well worth it for such an important cause.

“It’s the sweetest day of the year; the best time to help the kids and have a treat,” Willard said.

One dollar or more from every blizzard or blizzard coupon sold on Miracle Treat Day this Thursday goes to support the Children’s Miracle Network.