Doorbell cameras only first step to catch package thieves

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A few days after Cyber Monday and Black Friday means all of those great online buys are starting to arrive. But how do you keep your holiday purchases safe?

“Its a very affordable piece, it’s the most popular,” Jason Foss, the owner of Foss Security said.

Doorbell cameras, like Ring from Amazon, are popping up on front porches all over KELOLAND.

“The nice thing about the doorbell cameras is they have motion built into them, so that motion senses when someone walks up to the door. They don’t have to push the doorbell for it to work, that’s what’s nice from a security standpoint or a package standpoint,” Foss said.

More integrate security systems will also allow a homeowner to unlock and open the door for package deliveries, but even the basic doorbell cameras can help ward off potential porch pirates.

“Something is better than nothing,” Foss said.

Even the least expensive do-it-yourself cameras you can purchase will capture pretty good video of anyone coming to your front door. The problem is, how do you use that video to catch someone who might steal a package?

“Sometimes it seems like they just don’t care, like hey you got a video of me but I’m in a hoodie, good luck catching me,” Foss said.

Sioux Falls police say just because you have someone’s face on camera doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to identify or catch them. But if you have a video of a robbery suspect, you first call should be to law enforcement.

“The police officers, deputies, the jail staff they are really good about recognizing people, so when we have people to identify that we’re looking for, we use that whole network,” Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said.

Many people also turn to their social network to help identify a thief caught on camera.

“You can put it out on social media, you have that video clip, if you get a good video its great,” Foss said.

“A lot of people see those, they get shared a lot and help get it identified,” Clemens said.

The more people who have these home security systems, the more helpful it is for authorities to get a good picture of the suspect or their vehicle and eventually track down your packages.

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