SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Construction crews across Eastern KELOLAND are swamped with phone calls for help following Thursday’s derecho.

But with thousands of homeowners needing some kind of repairs, the demand on the already tight labor market and delay of certain building materials could mean some long wait times to recover from this storm.

“The last two years everything was supposed to stop right, and it just went the exact other way,” Chane Patten with Builders Millwork & Window said. 

Since the pandemic hit, everyone in the construction industry in eastern KELOLAND has seen a big boost in business.

“Since covid started we’ve been over a year out, booked out,” Brandon Johns with Home Improvement Headquarters said. 

Then Thursday’s storms added thousands of new customers in desperate need of home repairs to their workloads.

“Literally within a couple minutes my phone became a hotline,” Brandon Tulloh with River City Roofing said. “Just nonstop that whole evening until today.”

“It would be hard to be in this business and not be like, o my gosh how’s this going to work. It’s definitely going to have an effect on things,” Patten said. 

Work is already underway repairing some of the damage, but contractors know the calls for repairs will just keep coming.

“We’re going to be fixing roofs that were damaged by this storm several months from now,” Tulloh said. 

“If you want it done in a hurry, it’s impossible,” Johns said. “To get on the schedule and get done right now, minimum looking at a month to a month and a half.

Even if homeowners can find someone who can do the work right now, finding the materials could also take a while to get the job done.

“We run anywhere from eight weeks all the way up to 28 weeks depending on brand,” Patten said.

Broken windows or garage doors are seeing some of the longest wait times just to order a replacement.

“There’s no can I get in line first on anything like that unfortunately with the way the production goes and everyone being as busy as they are,” Patten said. 

More common materials are easier to find in stock.

“For the most part, we can get shingles, we can get fencing,” Johns said. 

But if you’re trying to match what you had before, it will likely be quite a while before construction crews can even get started on repairs.

“A special color or something like that, it’s going to take months,” Johns said. “If you need rubber roofing like the flat roofing, you might not even get that this year. They’re talking next year on some of those orders.”

Contractors say plywood and plastic can go a long way to secure your home while you wait. If you still need repairs after the storm, contractors ask that you call as soon as possible. They can usually come out to give you an estimate within a week and then get you on their schedule.