SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Last August, four long-time vascular surgeons formed their own private practice in Sioux Falls, moving all outpatient surgeries to their new Sioux Falls office.

“As far as surgeries go, it’s the best one I’ve had,” Dakota Vascular patient TJ Thomas said after his August procedure.

The four surgeons who opened Dakota Vascular began performing their first outpatient procedures in their new office last summer.

“We shot some dye down the leg, found an area of blockage, we ballooned it, put a stint in there to keep that area open,” Dr. Greg Nissen said.

Last week they celebrated another major milestone, operating on their 500th patient inside their clinic.

“They did a screening about a year ago and I had some blockage,” Donald Boyd said.

Donald Boyd came from Mission for the quick same-day procedure, one of many areas Dakota Vascular serves across the state.

“We serve Sioux Falls but we also serve Western South Dakota, Northern South Dakota, I have patients come see me from Nebraska, have patients come see me from Iowa, Minnesota,” Nissen said.

The vascular specialists travel all over KELOLAND to meet with their patients.

“We do outreaches, so for instance, I drive to Winner,” Nissen said. “I go to Huron and patients come up there from Pierre, people even come down to see me from Aberdeen,” Nissen said.

These outreach clinics can help diagnose issues or perform follow-up exams, but when it comes time to fix the problem…

“We need to do their operations or procedures here in Sioux Falls either at a hospital or our office,” Nissen said.

While patients may have to travel from out of town for their procedures, it’s a pretty quick trip from the parking lot to the door.

“It’s nice and comfy here,” Boyd said. “It’s more like a family around here.”

Dakota Vascular now has 25 employees as part of their team helping more patients like Boyd…

“Now he has a good strong pulse in his foot and he should feel much better,” Nissen said.

…avoid lengthy surgery and recovery time with their outpatient procedures.

“Keep you on your feet, literally and figuratively,” Nissen said.

The vascular specialists at Dakota Vascular care for all of the blood vessels outside of the heart and brain, specifically helping people with wounds, difficulty walking, varicose veins, arteries and more.