High school students from across Sioux Falls got the chance to try out career options Wednesday. Southeast Tech held Construction Camp for area Juniors and Seniors. We see how this day could help the construction industry.

From welding inside, to moving heavy machinery outside, these students are getting hands on experience for a lot of different career options.

Rod Breitling is heading up the land surveying workshop. He’s hoping these kids have enough interest from today they come back after high school.

“There’s a great need in the construction industry for new employment. What we’re trying to do is expose what careers we have out here at South East that fit into the construction industry,” STI Instructor Rod Breitling said.

Breitling says there is such a great need, last year they had five jobs available for every student who graduated. That sort of job security may not be a priority for young students just yet, but they’re still learning about the jobs available.

“I learned a lot about what goes into everything today. So that definitely opens my eyes a lot. It makes me think about if I want to do this more,” Anthony Valland, Roosevelt High School sophomore said.

“Sometimes the construction industry seems to have a bad wrap. Or a bad image. You know, this is difficult work. It’s work in dirty conditions, things like that. But it’s really on the contrary. It’s turning into a very high tech employment and careers,” Breitling said.

This experience today could be the ticket to pull these young people into the construction field in the future, even if they’re a little unsure right now.

“I’m still young so I don’t really know what I want to do yet,” said Valland.

According to the Association of General Contractors of America, Sioux Falls is the 7th fastest growing construction job market in the country.