SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sunday’s record-breaking rainfall has some homeowners dealing with flooded basements.

Sioux Falls has seen not one, but two derechos this summer.

But throughout all of this summer’s severe weather, most of the damage has been due to wind.

This weekend was the first time this year the city saw any significant damage from rain.

“It’s the first one of any substance. This was a pretty big deal, at least at my house it was 5 inches of rain, I know across town there was a variety of different amounts. If you weren’t paying attention, you had water in your basement,” Jerry Berg, with Intek Cleaning & Restoration said.

While the damage from this weekend’s rainstorm wasn’t widespread, people like this homeowner came home to water in their basement after a weekend away.

“We had about 20 phone calls over the last two days, which in the scheme of things isn’t huge,” Berg said.

But those who did see damage are dealing with a few days of clean up.

“We’re pulling carpet, getting rid of the pad, you can save the carpet or not, pulling trim, door jams, that kind of thing, trying to dry them out before they swell,” Berg said.

It’s work Intek has dealt with many times before, but this year this kind of repair has been very sparse compared to recent years.

“Back in May, March of 19 we had like 500 calls. So that was huge. You can’t service that kind of numbers, but 20 is easy to take care of,” Berg said.

So, while this latest August rain was a welcome sight in the midst of a drought, the full night of record breaking rainfall was more than some homes could handle.

“Every weather event is different. This one was I didn’t even wake up and other than a clap of thunder didn’t even realize the magnitude of it,” Berg said.

Intek says they have had a few years of extreme drought where there was never a rain event large enough to bring damage. But it is pretty rare that the first damaging rainfall of the year would come in August.