SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s Founder’s Day in Sioux Falls, an official proclamation designed to celebrate the impact of the growing community of entrepreneurs.

“Has anyone gone and patroned a local business owner?” presenter Jose Alfaro said from the stage during the Founder’s hour event.

The audience was a crowd full of people who are the heart of shop local—the creative minds behind many of your favorite businesses in the Sioux Falls community.

“There’s something magical that occurs when you bring those kinds of brains together, we want to know what the industry leaders are doing, what their needs are, how do we disrupt an industry that needs innovation, and that’s where these starters come in, trying different things,” Startup Sioux Falls President Brienne Maner said.

Founders Day is not only about supporting local business owners, but also the impact they can have in our community.

“When you invest in the artists and the culture, businesses want to come here,” Alfaro said. “People want to live in places that are fun, that are culturally engaging, that are unique, that are special. That is what’s happening.”

Jose Alfaro helps founders all over the country with his business co-starters; he says many cities like Sioux Falls are focused on attracting large corporations, but it’s small businesses that help create a community where those companies want to be.

“They need that main street, that brewery, that coffee shop, that restaurant, whatever it may be, they want to get to know their community and their artists,” Alfaro said.

It’s why organizations like Startup Sioux Falls are constantly working to support the local community of creative thinkers who are ready to bring their new ideas to the city.

“We empower founders, any individual who has started their own business, that has an idea kicking around in their head that they want to make reality,”  Maner said. 

Startup Sioux fall’s new downtown headquarters is also a big step for area founders, opening up a community workspace, conference rooms and event space that new and growing businesses can utilize.