SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new small scale event venue celebrated its grand opening in Sioux Falls this week.

What you’ll find inside Casetta in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“We found ourselves being booked at Convolo,” co-owner Amy Boes said.

A little over a year after opening the Convolo event space in Downtown Sioux Falls, sisters Amy Boes and Angela Merritt have now opened their second event venue.

“On the event side, our capacity we say 50 seated, 65 if you’re doing a standing event. On the conference room side we have it set up for 12 people conference room style,” Merritt said.

The building itself isn’t very big, in fact the name, Casetta, actually means little house in Italian. But the owners say it’s the perfect size for a lot of small-scale events.

“We do a lot of showers, birthday parties, smaller, intimate events, and then the conference room is more off-site meetings, business gatherings, things like that,” Boes said.

While people can book the entire building for their event, there are two distinct separate spaces.

“We can do two events simultaneously,” Merritt said. “They’ve been able to book this out for off site meetings, trainings, different sort of speaking events or just smaller little get togethers.”

And whether it’s the conference room style meetings space or smaller event setting…

“We wanted to keep it minimal so that it can still be versatile enough for all of the different types of events and themes that come into the space, still having it feel inspirational and stylish and intentional with the design,” Boes said.

…the pair has found success in having two locations for any smaller-scale events in the city.

“Now we’re able to send people who can’t get a Saturday at Convolo, we can send them over to Casetta, so its great to have the two places to play off of,” Boes said.

Boes and Merritt will also be managing the new Monick Yards wedding and large event venue currently under construction near 8th & Railroad in downtown Sioux Falls.