SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –It’s already been a hectic month of graduations, with more to come the next two weekends. That’s equaling a busy time for many businesses, including a unique Balloon Bar in Sioux Falls.

“We provide luxury balloon bouquets and arches and organic displays around the city,” Queen City Balloon Bar owner Ryan Egan said.

They’re not your average party balloons.

“We like art, I was a graphic design graduate and in marketing for a while, so we’re more into color and texture,” Egan said. “We do have some birthday messaging and things like that, but we’d rather create an art piece every time someone takes one out the door.”

The owners of Queen City Balloon Bar used to run their business out of their home, but they quickly ran out of space.

“We did it in a spare room in the basement, spare bedroom, it was packed, especially during graduation season. We really couldn’t walk through the house, the kids had not very many places to play. When we had the opportunity to switch into full-time, we made it happen,” Egan said.

He and his wife have been open full-time in their storefront on East 10th Street since November of 2021, but many people are still finding out about their unique offerings.

“We have people still coming in the doors going, I had no idea you were here,” Egan said. “A lot of the things we do you can’t get anywhere else.”

Their specialty balloon bouquets and arches have become a favorite of event planners around the city.

“We do a lot of bridal showers, baby showers, it’s graduation season right now, so this is our busiest season of the year,” Egan said.

The month of May is filled with creating unique balloon arches and displays for dozens of grad parties every weekend.

“The process has come a long way since we first started, we have four people in the shop working for grad season on all of our garlands right now, it is very labor intensive,” Egan said.

But it’s the kind of creative labor the owners are thrilled to be able to do full-time in their hometown.

Egan says they haven’t had any issues finding affordable helium over the past year, but it has impacted their business and their prices over the past few years of business as the availability and cost can fluctuate.