SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Bluepeak is expanding its services to more areas of Sioux Falls. In 2021, the internet provider began a $60 million investment to expand its fiber internet network.

“People are usually pretty excited,” Bluepeak Sioux Falls technician Caden Johnson said. “Usually they’ll meet us at the door, just ready for us.”

It’s a truck many people are often excited to see in their neighborhood.

“They were doing my next door neighbor’s, I just yelled at him said hey can I get hooked up too?” Sioux Falls resident Kathy Lee said.

Kathy Lee has been waiting for Bluepeak to come to her neighborhood for the past few months.

“I’m a work-from-home individual, I needed to have something that I could rely on. I knew they were coming around Sioux Falls, so I called to see when my neighborhood would be set up for it,” Lee said.

Her neighborhood on the southeast side of town just got access to Bluepeak’s newly installed fiber network, giving Lee and her neighbors a new option for internet.

“It’s just the opportunity to make your own decision, to take what they offer, benefits and their program as well as the cost, make decisions for yourself instead of going with the one and only provider,” Lee said.

“At Bluepeak we believe the broadband market and competition in the market ultimately benefits consumers, that’s by offering more choices, lowering prices, increasing the quality of service through innovation and investment.

It’s an investment Bluepeak has made in communities all over KELOLAND, but their $60 million expansion in Sioux Falls won’t be complete until 2025.

“Our construction in Sioux Falls right now is mainly focused on the north side of town, north of I-229, the McKennan Park area is coming online now, from there we’ll be moving west with our construction,” Bluepeak Communications Director Jesse Granger said.

If you haven’t seen a Bluepeak truck in your neighborhood yet, you can go online and put in your address to see if there is coverage available in your neighborhood.

“We have a good foothold in a lot of the town here, our expansion is now covering quite a bit of Sioux Falls and it’s going pretty quickly,” Johnson said. 

“When it’s all said and done we’ll reach roughly 75 percent of homes and businesses in Sioux Falls,” Granger said.