SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A long time Sioux Falls staple is now under new ownership on the east side of town.

“One of my favorite lunch spots,” Bagel Boy east regular Todd Miller said. 

It’s a favorite stop for many people in eastern Sioux Falls.

“I work just down the street and live a little bit to the east, very convenient to stop,” Miller said. 

But the 26th Street location has always been a bit smaller than the original Minnesota Avenue Bagel Boy.

“The flagship has always been the Minnesota store, this has always been the little brother,” Bagel Boy East new owner Owen Haubert said. 

But Haubert is hoping to incorporate more of the classic Bagel Boy experience into his new store.

“I worked at the other location,” Haubert said. “Bagel Boy has been part of my family for my entire life. When that Bagel Boy opened the first one, we’d go there after church like yea we’re going to have a great day.”

Recently the days at the east side location have gotten shorter as hours were limited.

“We want to expand hours, currently we’ve been closed Mondays for several months, so we’re going to change that,” Haubert said.

The shortage of staff actually shut down the popular drive-thru window at the east side Bagel Boy a few months ago, the new owners hope to have it open by next month.

“We are going to get that drive-thru open,” Haubert said. “Everybody loves the drive-thru.”

“I also like the food, the food is awesome,” Miller said. 

But the classic Bagel Boy food and friendly neighborhood atmosphere customers also love will stay the same under the new east side ownership.

“It’s a friendly neighborhood place to hang out,” Miller said. 

“I’m starting to recognize faces and knowing what the regular people come in for,” Haubert said. 

The new owners took over on September 1st and plan to start implementing the new hours and drive-thru changes over the next few weeks.