Agua Fresh brings healthy eating to DTSF

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It’s not hard to find a place to grab some food in Downtown Sioux Falls. However, there is one niche a local restaurant is bringing, with hopes to mix things up in the food scene. We head inside the new Agua Fresh location on Phillips Avenue.

The concept is pretty simple.

“It’s kind of like casual, healthy fast food,” said Sinan Taskin, Agua Fresh Owner.

The food is also very straightforward.

“Well, their smoothies are made with fruits and they don’t add any sweeteners to them. Which is really the only place I know of in town that’s doing it. At least downtown. And I can walk,” said Julia Collins, Agua Fresh Customer.

Agua Fresh is all about convenience, without compromising health. They’ve been in the Empire Mall food court for about three years now, and decided Downtown was a logical next step.

The menu has options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. Even the atmosphere is designed to boost your mood.

“Our average waiting time is about five minutes. So it’s really good for the people that work in downtown. They have a little amount of time to eat, so they can just step in over here. They can order their food, and it will be ready in five to six minutes and they can have it to go or they can sit in our environment,” said Taskin.

“I bank at Frontier Bank and this space is absolutely beautiful! I live downtown, and I’m a little bit of a health freak so I’m glad that they’re here,” said Collins.

The official, grand opening of the downtown location is August 14, but you can sneak in for a bite now. Taskin says Frontier Bank employees next door, and locals like Julia Collins, are already giving them hope and practice for their big debut.

“We are actually testing ourselves. Like what’s our weak point for downtown before our grand opening? So we can fix them before the opening  time and we’ll serve people better,” said  Taskin.

If you want to know what to expect before you go, Agua Fresh does post smoothie and juice ingredients with their menu on their website!

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