SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) –The idea of a new Canaries stadium is getting a lot of attention on the Riverline District’s public input page.

KELOLAND News spoke with the team administrators for their reaction to that feedback, which also includes comments about the lack of attendance at Canaries games.

“Attendance is not where we want it to be, especially last year,” Canaries’ President Brian Jamros said. 

Jamros says some of the public comments about the current lack of attendance at the team’s baseball games are valid.

“Ultimately we know we have to put a great product on the field and we have to enhance the experience for fans when they come to a game,” Jamros said.

“It’s no surprise why the Canaries haven’t been a big draw,” Canaries co-owner Twan said.

The Canaries’ administrators believe a new stadium would help.

“We hadn’t even landed a man on the moon when this stadium was built, but at the same time you’ve got to live in the house that you’re at right now,” Twan said.

Since taking over the Canaries in 2021, the new ownership has added a jumbotron scoreboard and redid the infield turf at the original stadium.

“We’ve put in an investment of $1.5 million dollars and also started the Canaries Community Fund,” Twan said.

The new ownership is not only investing in the facility but also in the team itself. They went from two staff members to now eight full-time employees. And no matter where they end up playing, the administrators hope its an investment that will pay off in building the brand.

“Part of it is just the legacy that has existed here at the Canaries,” Twan said. “Whether a new stadium happens or not, these are simply the right things to do.”

“I’m committed to the Sioux Falls marketplace,” True North Equity owner Brian Slipka said. “I’d like to grow my business presence.”

The owners of True North say their company’s main goal is investing in the city of Sioux Falls.

“It’s not about baseball per se but how Sioux Falls is evolving and looking at how this area could drive more growth,” Twan said. “No one with a sane mind would do this to make a lot of money, that just doesn’t happen, I could show you how much money we lost doing this, do it because we’re passionate and because at the end of the day, it should be fun.”