SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) –If you’re planning to head downtown for dinner this weekend, you’ll have to check two options off your list.

Both Mackenzie River Pizza and Parker’s Bistro are closed this week and next for repairs, in tonight’s Your Money Matters, why now is a popular time for a restaurant refresh.

“We closed all of this week and will be closed all of next week,” Parker’s Bistro owner Stacy Newcomb said.

Parker’s Bistro has had construction ongoing for months after purchasing the building next door to nearly double the size of their restaurant.

“The other side is a total top to bottom, we had to remove everything,” Newcomb said.

The expansion project is still a few months away from opening, but this month’s closure is preparing the way for their larger restaurant.

“We needed to close Parker’s so we could put a new hood in, we needed a larger hood in order to have both sides open, and it just needed to be refreshed,” Newcomb said.

“This is a beautiful old historic building, but that comes with some complications. And it needs some attention now and again,” Mike McGreevy said.

A similar closure is also underway at MacKenzie River Pizza just a few doors down.

“Taking some time to fix some floor issues in our kitchen and the interior of our bar area. Had some floor issues ongoing in those areas for some time,” McGreevy said.

It was an unplanned coincidence that both restaurants on the same block just happened to close on the same day, but there’s also a reason why now is a good time to close for these necessary repairs.

“It’s a good time of year to do it,” Newcomb said. “We wanted to get past Valentine’s Day, you don’t ever want to close, but when you do close, you want to do it in a time when you’re not as busy.”

While both restaurants plan to be closed for at least the next two weeks, they’re working to make sure they still have staff around when it’s time to re-open in March.

“We compensated employees for two weeks,” McGreevy said. “We’re doing what we can do to take care of our people.”

Parker’s regular staff are also hosting a pop-up bistro at the Icon Event Hall.

“We want to keep our staff employed of course and busy,” Newcomb said. “We’re decorating that whole event hall to look something like Parkers….we’re doing a Mexican five course dinner.”

Parker’s Bistro hopes to reopen the week of March 7th and MacKenzie River Pizza hopes to re-open by March 20th; both of those dates are flexible based on how quickly the repairs can be completed.