Woman Who Called 911 Relieved By Frias Arrest


The arrest of murder suspect Manuel Frias comes as a great relief to the Sioux Falls woman who called 911 to report the double-shooting outside her apartment nearly two weeks ago.  Pam Scovell says she thought Frias, who was taken into custody following a Tuesday night standoff in South Sioux City, Nebraska, would be on the run for a much longer time. She’s glad Frias and the others connected to the shooting are now all behind bars.

We first introduced you to Pam Scovell the night of the shooting, when she described hearing gunshots and looking out her window to see Corey Zephier and Samuel Crockett lying on the ground outside of her window.  Scovell says she’s been on-edge in the nearly two-weeks since the drug-related shooting.  

Seeing murder suspect Maneul Frias in handcuffs and in-custody is bringing a great deal of satisfaction, if not jubilation, to Pam Scovell.  

“We heard that Frias got caught, me and my boyfriend were like high-fiving and it was like yay!  So I was pretty happy about that,”  Scovell said.

While Frias’s arrest is a weight off her shoulders, Scovell has spent much of her time since the shooting looking over her shoulder.

“I come home and it’s quiet and stuff like that but then if I hear a bang, or something coming from somewhere, I’m just kind of looking around and be like okay, it’s not here, it’s all over with, there’s nothing more going on,” Scovell said.

Perry Groten: Scovell has been avoiding the crime scene as much as possible by entering and leaving the apartment through the back door.  Last night was the first time since the shooting she entered the apartment through the front door.

“It was kind of creepy, I was holding onto my boyfriend’s arm, he was kind of, not laughing at me, but giggling, and I was like shut-up!  It’s like, don’t make fun of me!  He goes, I’m not! So, it’s all good,” Scovell said.

Scovell can laugh about it now, but that deadly shooting has, at times, haunted her over the past two weeks.  Yet she expects more peace of mind as she comes to terms with the tragedy that unfolded in front of her apartment.   

“No matter where you go in this city, there’s going to be crime.  Whether you’re in the rich neighborhood, or the poor, or the middle-class, it’s all going to be crime no matter where you go and that drugs don’t discriminate against anybody,” Scovell said.

Scovell has lived at the apartment for around five months and says if she ever moves somewhere else, it wouldn’t be because of the shooting. She says she enjoys living in the neighborhood. 

Frias, meanwhile, has a waiver of extradition hearing in Nebraska scheduled for February 13.

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