Sioux Falls police are investigating a burglary from this weekend.

Officers say the thief didn’t steal any items — but instead took the homeowner’s dog.

A white one-year-old pitbull is missing after a break-in this weekend in Sioux Falls.

“The dog has not been found yet. The dog had been kenneled and then the owner got a hold of a friend to come over and let the dog out and the dog was missing and they found a broken window,” Officer Sam Clemens said.

Authorities say the dog is not microchipped, which could have helped them in their search. 

“Microchipping is basically we implant a really pretty small little chip, it looks like kind of like a grain of rice, we implant it under the dog or cats skin, its usually right in the shoulder blade area.”

While microchipping your pet does not show their location, it does help others identify who your animal belongs to.

“The misconceptions a lot of people have with them is that they’re gps trackers which is not accurate,” Allison Johnson said.

So if your dog or cat happens to run away, or turns up at a shelter, you’re more likely to find them.

“It’s a safer and more permanent way to have identification on your animal and if someone were to bring in a stray and it has a chip you would be reunited way faster versus it having no identification,” Allison Johnson said.

The piece of identification that could help you be reunited with your pets. 

“The collar and tag is most important just so that, even from a distance, if someone can’t catch the animal they do know that it has an owner,” Allison Johnson said.

The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society microchips cats and dogs for $20.