Not everything burned in the Westerhuis fire in Platte.  The remaining items and buildings will soon be going on the auction block for you to bid on.

The auction is set for Sept. 12.  The judge has granted the bank handling the Westerhuis estate permission to sell off the remaining property to settle some 20 claims against it.  

Another 24 creditors filed claims too late to get any money back.  

In addition to buildings remaining on the Westerhuis land near Platte, the inventory list is eight-pages long and includes vehicles, gym equipment, recreational items, electronics and tools.  

The judge in the case ordered that the funeral expenses be paid first, followed by any medical expenses and then the attorneys representing the estate.  

Then other creditors can collect, including an electrician that did a lot of work on several projects at the Westerhuis property.

KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke spoke with the Armour electrician today and he said he had wired a 3,000 square foot addition to the Westerhuis gym that included six rooms in all–with a lounge, conference table, kitchen, bathroom and big office.  He also wired a new 10,000 square foot storage building that Westerhuis was constructing which had 6 garage stalls and office space.  That building was going up last September at the same time Westerhuis was putting up an indoor swimming pool. 

The electrician didn’t want to say the total dollar amount he is owed, but says it’s tens of thousands of dollars and he’d be happy to get half that amount.