You might be noticing more potholes on Sioux Falls city roads. With temperatures going up and down, the weather is taking a toll on local streets.

Steady calls from concerned citizens have crews like this patching roads all over Sioux Falls.

“Just be careful when you’re driving out the roads because you get a lot of these potholes. With it being slick and all that, you hit one of those, it might make you slide off sideways. Cause an accident that way,” Wilfred Boneshirt said.

From bone-chilling, below zero temps to a more mild variety this week, Wilfred Boneshirt is ready for a warmup. 

“Pretty hard on me because I had a hip surgery done. It’s kind of hard on me with the cold weather and my joints and all that,” Boneshirt said.

It’s also hard on city streets. Lynn Harrington with the city street department says you can find potholes just about anywhere in town.

“You get water down in those cracks and crevasses and wherever there’s a flaw in the street. Then when the temperatures drop back down, that freezes and expands and pops out those bad spots. Now is the time we start seeing a few more,” Harrington said.

He says two crews focus on fixing areas that people call the pothole hotline about. If there aren’t any complaints, his guys hit the main streets.

“Louise Avenue, out by the mall, 41st to 49th. It’s pretty bad out there. You know this time of year it’s really tough to get any pothole patching material to stay in. Just the weather conditions. The wet conditions, the cold conditions, it’s just hard to get things to stay for any length of time when you do patch them,” Harrington said.

If you’d like to report an issue, call the pothole hotline at 605-367-8002.