It’s going to be a busy summer of construction in downtown Sioux Falls.

There are already some new developments at one of the city’s largest projects, Washington Square. Rob Everist leads his fifth generation family business, L.G. Everist.

“We run a short line railroad,” Everist said.

The Sioux Falls-based company is the first to announce it’s moving to Washington Square. The business manufactures and supplies stone, sand and gravel products, and also offers other services.

“We’re in land development and water development in Colorado,” Everist said.

The 140-year-old company will take up about half of the fourth floor of Washington Square, which is designated for office space. Around 70 percent of that floor is spoken for.

“The nice thing is there’s two stories of parking that is right below that, so parking will be more convenient,” Everist said.

The main floor of Washington Square will have one or two restaurants, along with a food company that will be unique to Sioux Falls.

“We have a phenomenal concept of someone bringing in a business that isn’t downtown. We’re hoping to announce that in the next four weeks, but it’s pretty exciting,” Chris Houwman, who is part of the square’s ownership group, said.

Houwman says there’s also a lot of excitement about the condos, which will be on three of the floors.

“We are approaching 70 percent on the condos as well. We have three pending right now. The activity is daily,” Houwman said.

The top floor will be an owner’s terrace. Condo owners will be able to access amenities, such as a bar, fitness area, and a space for pets.

“You just sense a new sense of energy,” Everist said.

Energy that Everist can’t wait to be a part of.

“It’s going to be nice to be in a nice, new space,” Everist said.

The project is scheduled to be completed in the middle of November.